We’ve been helping home buyers and investors make their property purchase decisions since 1993.

John & Lynn Mouat are born and bred Southlanders – We love Southland!

John & Lynn Mouat

A registered master builder since 1993, John has been involved in the building industry for his entire working life. Since 1979 he’s worked on a huge variety of projects, running his own business – building everything from farm sheds to top quality homes and school classroom blocks, along with countless building renovations and alterations.

While working with clients in the early 1990’s, John recognised a need for an independent property inspection service.

“Because we are not touting for building work – clients can be confident of our advice. We can also give them an indication of the kind of money they’ll need for repairs or renovations so they’re better prepared when they go out for trade quotes,” – John Mouat

Whether its buying a first home, or stepping up to a better house, many people go in thinking only of the purchase price. HouseCall helps identify upcoming and ongoing maintenance costs so they can be put in the picture too.


Although John is a Qualified & experienced Building contractor, we do not undertake any physical building work on properties that we inspect. This policy ensures that our report remains totally independent.


Who uses HouseCall in 2017?

  • Young people looking at their first home
  • Local people moving on to a larger family or executive home
  • Lifestyle block and farm buyers
  • Professionals transferring into Southland
  • Investors who are involved in the residential or commercial market
  • We have also assisted many clients with advice on building related problems, like dispute resolution, Code Compliance issues etc.


HouseCall have no associations or allegiance with any Real Estate Agent or Company.