Terms & Conditions

Please note the following conditions of our service 

Our Pre-purchase Property Inspections & Reports are completed to comply with the standards set out in NZS 4306:2005, a copy of which is available on request

  1.  We retain the Copyright on our reports. Our Opinions are provided for the exclusive use of our client and their advisers only. We have no contract with, and therefore no obligations to any other party now or in the future. This report is not to be shared, copied or sold without the express written consent of HouseCall 2016 Ltd.
  2. This is not a Valuation. We make no statement as to the value of the property now or in the future, or whether or not it is good value for money.
  3. This is not a Surveyors report. Unless specifically requested, we have not established the position of buildings etc in relation to the Boundaries of the site, nor have we searched Titles, Legal Descriptions etc relating to the land.
  4. We will inspect the house & garage only. Unless specifically requested, we do not include Outbuildings, fences, retaining walls, driveways or other structures.   Our inspection of the property is limited to a visual inspection only. Where it is not possible to safely gain access to subfloor, ceiling, roofs or other spaces, no opinion is given as to the condition of such spaces.  Similarly, no inspection can be made of hidden or buried services such as Plumbing, Drains and Electrical Services, although a general comment may be made on the age /condition of such services. We can obviously not perform any destructive testing, nor can we create new point of entry etc to view hidden areas
  5. No testing of electrical appliances, heaters, or any other chattels has been carried out.  Similarly, we do not inspect water supply or Wastewater systems.
  6. We do not give any warranty that a building is “weathertight”. We will visually check for symptoms of leaks / damage etc, and comment on the general condition of the roof, claddings and the like. Any building may “leak” under certain circumstances.
  7. All aspects of the property under inspection are, unless otherwise mentioned, of average condition, considering the age of the building.
    We do not warrant that any facet of the building is in “as new” condition or that it would meet today’s Building Codes
  8. Additional costs may be incurred to comply with modern building codes, when having to repair or upgrade the building.
  9. We do not specifically look for any hazardous materials. Asbestos, lead piping, lead based paints and other potentially hazardous materials are present in many buildings, while some sites are contaminated by industrial residues or, more recently, drug-making residue.  Detection of these substances is a specialised field, of which we have no knowledge. If requested, we can arrange for lab- based Meth testing of the premises to be carried out.
  10. Where requested, we will estimate the cost of any repairs, maintenance, alteration or extension work you may require. Such estimates will be at market rates.
  11. Where repairs are suggested, the full extent of work will depend on what is discovered as work progresses. It is not possible to evaluate exact cost / extent of remedial work without “opening up” walls etc.
  12. Where we have obtained information from the local Council or other sources, we accept no responsibility for the accuracy of such information. We have not reviewed plans or specifications for the building, and do not give any assurance that all or any alterations to the building have been correctly authorised or consented.
  13.   Exclusions: As per NZS 4306:2005, our report does not cover the following:
    a/ Legal Title
    b/ Building Warrant of Fitness and services described on a compliance schedule
    c/ Planning or resource consent issues
    d/ Building consent issues
    e/ Long Term Maintenance Planning
    f/ Rental Property Tenancy matters
    g/ Heritage or Historic Obligations
    h/ Compliance with body corporate rules, cross lease or title agreements

April 2016